Native American Childhood Essay

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Recently we have read about the intelligent Native Americans, especially about their childhood, which is so free, unrestrained, and full of vitality and vigor. The Native American children like Tisquantum grew up in a world of warmth. However, in China’s rural areas, almost all of the children are left-behind ones and are lack of parental love and care of the society. Comparing the childhood of the children in rural China and the childhood of the children in Tisquantum’s village, I would rather grow up in Tisquantum’s village because of the following reasons. On one hand, their living condition is totally different. In China’s rural areas, especially in southwestern or northwestern part of China, the childhood of children presents a completely…show more content…
Those who live with the extended family cannot get help from their family because their grandparents have little knowledge or the extended family are too busy with housework. As I mentioned above, the local government cannot afford to provide children with basic education. Although some students can get to go to school, their school facilities and the education quality is not well expected. They have to get up early in the morning and walk for one or two hours through mountains and rivers to get to school. There are usually less than five teachers in one school and one teacher have to teach about three subjects. Conversely, Native American’s education was exciting, but also exceedingly strict. The years before the children became teenagers was considered as the time for fun. Children could explore the nature, swim in the ponds, play soccer, shoot at each other, collect nuts in the forest, and chase animals. Their lives were full of vigor and vitality of juvenile childish. As they grew older, they had to learn life skills. Besides hunting, tracking animals and growing crops, they had to run through brambles barelegged. Some outstanding children like Tisquantum had extra tests: repeating drinking bitter juice. Although the tests were harsh, I love the light of heart from care, purity and

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