Native American Conquistadors: The Downfall Of Native Americans

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The Downfall of the Native Americans The conquistadors came to the New World to conquer the land and everything they could gain from it such as gold, money, gems, and power. While the Native Americans had a few advantages over the conquistadors, having a larger population and already having set cultures throughout their nations to name a couple the conquistadors would succeed in subduing the Native Americans. The Europeans were successful in their endeavor for a few reasons; environmental factors, technology and tactics. One of the main factors that allowed the Europeans to take over the Native Americans was diseases; smallpox, typhus, and measles being the main killers. Europeans unknowingly brought over diseases with them causing epidemics and a huge depopulation among the Native Americans. Because during this time the causes of the diseases was unknown amongst the Europeans and the Native Americans they both thought it was because of their respective religions. The Native Americans believed that manitou was punishing them and the Europeans thought that God was rewarding them. The Native Americans believed that the diseases killing them off was the result of their misuse of manitou. The diseases also undermined the authority of the Native American leaders; the leaders lost the respect of their people because they could no longer keep their people from dying, this forced them into mourning wars. Mourning wars were fights that happened between the Native American
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