Native American Research Paper

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How did the lives of Native Americans change as a result of contact with Europeans? In today’s year and age,we are honor to enjoy and absorb other countries’ culture. Recently,a famous country singer in America--Taylor Swift,her song “love story “shows a background culture of Europe.Regardless this,most culture of America can be found in Europe’s culture.In fact,the lives of native Americans change as a result of contact with Europeans. The famous traditional festival in America--Thanksgiving day can be dated back to seventeenth century.In that age,there were ten of thousands of Europeans on the grounds of various reasons sailed to America.The Pilgrims set ground at Plymouth Rock in 1620.Their first winter was when they had…show more content…
The Puritans in America for a long time has brought new concept of ideals.The Bible,according to the Puritans,was the direct word of god and because of this,the Bible was seen as an infallible guide to many aspects of life.Still in today’s American society,the
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