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Native Americans believed that a woman was the first person on Earth and the first deity because she got dropped on water and upon her arrival she made the land/Earth. As described in Native American Creation Myth a “woman or goddess gradually descended from heaven, even into the water”. This shows that water was created before land. According to the Native American Creation Myth, she also created vegetation and even “fruitful and unfruitful trees began to grow.” Native Americans felt that they must respect the Earth and can not own the Earth.
On the European side similarly to the Native Americans water got created before land too. The bible explains the process they believed occurred, “ ….And God said, Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together into one place, and let the dry land appear: and it was so…”. The water gathering together shows that first there was only water and then it got together on one place, and then the term “dry land” got brought which simply means that land and the Earth was created after water. However, the difference here is that the Europeans believed that God was a male figure. That God made the earth, humans, animals, and everything else on the
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First of all, the Native Americans believed that the woman created animals before humans. The myth says she was “cohabiting with those several animals, and bringing forth at every birth more than one of a different species and appearance; from which have originated and proceeded all the human beings.” Therefore, humans are born with qualities, traits, characteristics of animals. Animals were respected and valued because they were used as food for the tribes. If you saw an animal on your vision quest (quest taken to go to move onto adulthood) then it was very significant. It could mean that you will hunt an animal soon. Once they hunted the animal they made a ceremonie for it, so that their spirit can rest in

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