Native American Creation Story Similarities

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Differences/Similarities Between Two Creation Stories
Around the world there are many different creation stories for tons of religions. Here are two creation stories on how the world was created to the Native Americans and the Judeo-Christians. Despite both the Native American creation story and Judeo-Christian creation story having differences like the fact how the moon was created, they have similarities of a tree and how the story focuses around it.
As the native american story goes on the wife gets cravings because she is pregnant. When the wife gets cravings for different roots for her drink she send her husband to get them. One day she wanted the roots of The Great Tree. The Great Tree in this creation story was only for the fruit on
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Cain got jealous because The Lord looked with favor on Abel. “Let’s go out to the field.” While they were in the field, Cain attacked his brother Abel and killed him.(Genesis 4:8) The difference between the Bible brothers and the Native American brothers is that in the native american story the brothers don’t kill each other.
The brothers in the native American creation story hate each other and are son’s of the The Sky Woman. The brothers fought then killed their Grandmother and the head of the old lady became the moon. The difference between the Bible version is that God created the moon not that one of the brothers ripped a grandmother's head off and it became the moon. The eldest brother the Sun who represents the power of fire, and the younger brother became the ruler of the night so he can be with his grandmother.
Across the world there are and still will be many different religions. These two Creation stories are similar and different in some ways. The fact that Native americans believe that the earth is a Great Turtle is way different from how the Christians believe. The tree’s in each story are different and the sets of brothers. Some religions can be the same but some can be completely
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