Native American Cultural Barriers

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Native Americans have a rich and storied culture; a history rich in struggle, strife and triumph. Native Americans are a unique population that require a higher level of cultural competency. In the human services field. There are many different tribal groups, within Native Americans. Having a clear understanding, and knowledge of issues of the tribal group you are dealing with is helpful with providing services. Who are Native Americans? Many years before Christopher Columbus said to discover America, Native Americans habited the land, living mostly a peaceful and purposeful life, composed of tribes, bands and ethnic groups. Native American culture revolves around nature, and aspects of their lives are based around earth. They live in harmony…show more content…
Minner (n.d,), “For the first survey, 22 Native American students who had dropped out of Northern Arizona University indicated that family influences and responsibilities, lack of financial resources, campus attitudes towards Native Americans, and poor academic preparation were reasons for leaving school” (para. 1). Other barriers in education include language barriers, discrimination, alcohol and drugs. Barriers in health care include racial discrimination, culture misunderstanding, family responsibilities, lack of respect of religious beliefs, and transportation…show more content…
Native Americans are family orientated, placing a lot of what once does on the acceptance from other members of the tribe. Culture activities are important, and participating in such activities is a way to prove trust. After learning more about the culture, I feel that because of the high mistrust Native Americans, are less willing to pursue services. The most surprising fact I learned about Native Americans, is that they do not like to make eye contact. That is a culture difference to me. I feel when a person does not make eye contact they are lying or hiding something. This surprising fact would influence my work in the future, because I will know that it is not because of hiding or lying, it how Native Americans choose to

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