Native American Cultural Practices

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Research Paper: Native American Cultural Practices and its Contribution to Contemporary Cultures
Cultures cater us with the principles and variety of the creation around us. It helps us distinguish about how individuals contemplate or think, obey the rules, eat and drink, wear different apparels, speak languages eloquently, celebrate carnivals and how and when to sympathize and so on. This list is unquestionably boundless.
In fact, cultures seek to outline the sense of worth, and therefore, we shall each time make every effort for cultures that will help us get more fortune. Hence, we can under no circumstances forget the Native American's culture in today's contemporary and digital world. It has all the amenities and happiness available,
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Though having sundry ethnicity, in general, they have faith in interconnectedness of living and non-living things. They walk an extra mile for “Balance and Harmony” in the life. Also, to the highest extent, these people feel that people can possess supreme spiritual powers. So, in view of this, Aminism was the common doctrine among them, which back up the idea of religion founded upon the divine knowledge that the cosmos and all natural objects have feelings or spirits. For example, thunder storms, rain and geographic structures, such as caves or rivers, and mountains own souls or moods as well. However, they do not keep the scientific reasoning behind this beliefs or thinking. Moreover, many Native Americans have confidence in The Great spirit (absolute divine power) and the theory of creation of the world by it. These people even celebrate religious festivals and ceremonies with special rituals and ways to give respects seasonal periods. In these festivals, notable feasting, singing, chanting, music and dancing were the prime…show more content…
Ancient cultural perspective holders and modern days’ people’s merger leaves compromising and controversial strides in the history. However, Americanization policy is the true and primary reason that changes the perspective regarding Native American cultural practices. The 19th and 20th century’s governments have tried hard to stamp out various traditional practices for the same as well. But to dismay, this one form of civilization more or less stay challenging meant for assimilating different cultures. Very similar, immigration issues, racism, prejudice, apartheid and so on play a huge role in changing the perspective regarding Native American cultural
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