Native American Culture In The Civilization Of North America

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Ever since the widespread colonization of the Americas in the 16th century, popular perception of the diverse Native American culture by the ‘civilized’ world has changed dramatically, from one of mutual understanding between tribes and a begrudging respect from the first settlers of the New World, to a modern culture where finding a ceremonial headdress in a halloween store is not so rare an occurrence.

Prior to this, Native American culture flourished across the American continent. Though it 's undeniable that the occasional war over resources or tribal honor bloodied the timeline of history, in most regions of what would become North America, peaceful interaction and a development of a rich, unique culture were far more common. Furthermore, due to the similarities in background or language, many Native American tribes actively engaged in cultural exchanges, spreading and further developing their culture through positive interactions between distinct groups, which would eventually allow for the formation of tribal federations like the Iroquois Confederacy and the Sioux Nation.

However, the introduction of European colonists and the diseases that came with them effectively ruined the precarious balance of power that had existed in the region prior. Colonial wars aimed at the procurement of territory, with diseases that the Native Americans had developed no immunity against, combined to quickly deteriorate the relations between once-friendly tribes, leading to a collapse

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