Native American Culture Research Paper

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The question is; should cultural treasures should be returned to their countries of origin? The answer is yes. For example; Native American cultural, spiritual sites like the Black hills and Mato Paha (bear butte) was taken by the europeans that travelled here and took their land also. These cultural landmarks had cultural, and religious association for the area from which were taken from the government and settlers. The sites like: Mato Tipila (Devils tower), Hinhan Kaga (Harney Peak), Mato Paha (Bear Butte), and He Sapa (Black Hills) were all once a sacred site for all native tribes for religious reasons, but the europeans came and took their sacred sites, their land, and their animals, commonly the buffalo. They also massacre more Native …show more content…

There were more than 500 treaties that was made and broken by the U.S. government. The well-known treaty was the treaty of Fort Laramie which was to bring peace with the europeans and the sioux to settle by the black hills, but a miner found gold traces in the black hills and the U.S. broke the treaty. Then the government decided to put the Lakotas, Dakotas, and Nakotas into reservations so they can stop raiding settlements and U.S. Forts. Before there were more 1 million native americans, but by the 19th century, there were estimated 237,000 left in the country. Should cultural treasures be returned to their country of origin? Yes, because the history of the Native-Americans and the U.S. government is a great example why they should return cultural treasures back to the people of origin that discovered this land first and took care of the environment and animals. The Sacred places were once used for religious and spiritual practices and praying but now it 's an attraction such as the Mount Rushmore site, or the Crazy Horse memorial. It is offensive for the descendants of the Native-American tribes to see sacred, spiritual sites to be used as an attraction for entertainment. It is shameful for elders to see younger

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