Native American Culture: The Impact Of Culture In America

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Culture is an umbrella term that covers almost every aspects of life. It includes different concepts when viewed from various perspectives. It can be described in individual level as well as communal level, though they are mutually dependent. An individual defines culture at the level of the community he or she follows the patterns of the society in which he or she lives. The culture of a community is defined by the living patterns of the members of the society. Culture has an important place in one’s identity. Identity is a process of becoming, constructing from the matrix of similarities and difference. Culture is a source of reviving the cultural identity. The culture enables us to locate our identity in a cultural space. Resistance is a natural response to oppression by the hegemonic group. Cultural resistance is the supplication of culture as a weapon to resist the dominating social ideologies and power structure. Native people or the indigenous people have a rich culture and heritage which strengthens their tribe and identity. Compared to people, indigenous people are closely connected with their culture. They struggle to survive within the newly arrived culture as their rich native culture is destroyed. Today culture is produced and consumed by people and it is conditioned by the ruling ideologies. In contemporary society, the indigenous communities especially in India, Africa, America, Australia and Canada are culturally marginalized. Like every native culture,
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