Native American Empire Vs Aztec Empire

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Throughout primary and secondary education, school age children learn that Native American was the first to live on America soil. They are a tribal culture consisting of hunter and gather. However, student also learnt that many conflict arose when Europeans settler claim their land for themselves. War broke out between the two culture resulting in the Treaty of Paris, and French and Indian, war. As to slander the Native American culture European dean, them as ignorant salvages depict them as anti-peace, anti-Christian, and barbaric. Nevertheless, this is so far from the truth; before the arrival of the European, the Native American inhabited ever part of the North American region. Just like the European counterpart, the Native American had…show more content…
They center their government on the family structure. As the tribe groups grow, they begin to form Calpulli, a group of family that own land together and service that land to supply the basic needs for the empire. Each Calpulli would choice a leader and those leaders would form the city of council. Although, the Calpulli held much power within the government they still had to report to the nobility and priesthood. Finally, there Huey Tlatcani better known as the Great Speaker. He was the emperor who receives god like worshipped by everyone. The emperor power was great however; he could be remove from power. The Aztec government did not rule with an iron fist, as many would believe. The power of the empire did not reach every stump of the people lives those tribe that were conquer were force to pay tribute yet, they had certain amount of freedom (Placeholder1). Although, the people had freedom, too break the laws would result in harsh punishment. For instead, crime from adultery to steal were punishable by death and other offenses such as slander usually involved corporal punishment or mutilation such as cutting off ones lips (Aztec System Corporation…show more content…
The role of different social class as well as the role of men and women was very much define. Children education started primary with the family first, father educated the while mother educated the girl. Once the Aztec reach teenage year they are separate boy of noble status attend calmecac. There they learn how to govern and live prudently, understand their heritage and secret knowledge, and the duties of priesthood as well as writing, poetry, astronomy and history. Some boy attended cuicacalli that is a military school while other who comes from a lesser social status such as peasants, tradespeople and builder went to the telpochcalli. These children were educate on occupational skill, element warfare, fundamental history and religion. However, if a macehualtin child was smart enough he or she could attend the Calmecac School. On the other hand, Aztec girl and women are subordinate to men. Therefore, schooling for girl is preparing them for marriage learning thing such as cooking and spinning. However, girl born under noble status attend the Calmecac and train at the temple allowing some to become priestesses in the
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