Native American Exploration Research Paper

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European exploration and conquest of the New Word were fueled by a desire for wealth, power, and status. They also hoped people would convert to Christianity “First, to hold conformity with the rest of His works, being delighted to show forth the glory of His wisdom in the variety and difference of the creatures and the glory of His power, in ordering all these differences for the preservation and good of the whole” (Winthrop, John). The Spanish also descended on America with hopes of bringing Catholicism to the New World while gaining land, power, and money. They both wanted the same thing, to dominate over other ethnic groups while gaining a lot of power and money. The Spanish “gained all of the French lands west of the Mississippi River and…show more content…
The Spanish also participated in wars against the English and in Southern battles. The Iroquois and the French were also at war with each other over territory. The beaver, which was in high demand because of the fur trade, was rapidly disappearing from Iroquois land. They wanted to expand their territory which led to a bloody war between the Iroquois, the French, and other Native American tribes. This led many French people to fear Native Americans and flee to Canada “I would not trust them though, for they are barbarians and heathens” (Marie of the Incarnation, p. 2). The economic and political turmoil between the French and Native Americans led them to become more exclusive. Even after the war ended and a peace treaty was made the French continued to see Native Americans only as a buffer between them and the English. Furthermore, when it came to the traders they quickly learned how to take advantage of the Indians “It is those who furnish the brandy, and they bring them into so favorable a condition that they can do with them everything they will” (Denys, Micmac Fur Trade, p. 3). The exclusiveness between the Spanish, French, Dutch, and English explorations

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