Native American Family Values

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Compare and contrast the family values and traditions of three different cultures. How do the values, communication and spirituality resemble or differ from yours? What impact might these values have on the definition of child abuse/neglect? (1-2 pages) The three different cultures I will be comparing and contrasting will be Native American, African American and Hispanic. These three cultures share some similarities in their traditional value such as child rearing, where the training of children are not only done by the parents, but the extended family and community members also contribute in the growth of the child, by encouraging, correcting and educating them in the proper way to behave in the society. Also, the respect for the elderly…show more content…
The Native American religion defers from mind, because I do not belief in the healing power of nature. Furthermore, the value of early independence might lead to child neglect due to the freedom given, this may lead to lack of proper parental concentration or care on the wellbeing of the child, because they belief in the concept of individuality without much interference. Also, the value of control emotion by the Native American can be interpreted as unconcerned which might lead to child neglect, like the case example of the Graywings family the mother never perceived the action of her child playing all alone in the community as improper, but to other community members it was view as child neglect to leave your child without proper supervision. Likewise, the value of male dominance in both the Hispanic and Asian roots can create child neglect for the female children in which they may not be provide with the best basic resources like the male child. And the value system of the African American children to assume so much responsibility has often been construed by white child welfare agencies as constituting neglect on the part of their parents (Crosson-Tower, 2013,
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