Native American Heroes

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As I look at the lines on my hands and the color on my skin I know by heart the many lives that were ended, and millions who resisted. My heroes are never discussed, never praised like the presidents. My heroes were the foundation of why America stands today and for the remaining years ahead. In 1492, a forceful resistance to culture invasion erupted in America. As expolorers and settlers entered the America there was no intentions to keep the natives there. The reason why we still have a high percentage of native peoples today is because they resist till their last breath so their stories and teaching would not be forgotten. Today millions of indigenous communities are fighting and protesting for the very same issues that happened centuries…show more content…
Natives tried to resist and defend their land, but the white’s weapons were too advanced. The idea of selling land was misunderstood because of language differences. As settler with Christian ideologies expanded, Native culture became an issue. Different laws were passed by several presidents stating, that Indians should be removed. With all the power of a president, Andrew Jackson signed into law The Indian removal act which forced millions of Native Americans off their sacred lands. They were pushed away with many broken promises and signed treaties. Natives were miserable, they did not want to give up their lands but they had no choice, the government was too strong. The act also authorized the slaughter of numerous villages. Redbird clarifies that with lack of weapons, native had no choice than to be forced off their lands. The US stole acres of land and forced them to relocated and live in regions that were unbearable for tribe populations. They were put on their own plot of land where they were not allowed to leave, and hunt much. The U.S government called them reservations. According to the article “Following the footsteps of our Cherokee ancestors," the author Megan Hansen describes the Trail of Tears an important date in American history when Native Americans were forced out of their homeland. (Hansen) The trail was aimed to kill them along the journey; Natives had to face unbearable circumstance, many of them died from a lack of nourishment, dehydration, and several diseases that their bodies could not withstand; that also includes the numerous of the times U.S soldiers raped the women and mistreated
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