Native American History And Ava Turner's Interpretation Of History

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Ava Jones Even though Native Americans largely did not have writing, the wheel, or domesticated animals, (dogs being an exception) they did possess complex social structures and vast trade networks that spanned both Americas. There were many thriving cultures full of diversity, history, and culture, completely contrasting Turner’s interpretation of history. He does not recognize the genocide of these people or the pain that they continued to go through. Turner also snubs slavery as a necessary economic tool for building the country. It is clear that the theft of people from their homes is unethical on its own, but to then further enslave these people for their entire lives and treat them worse than livestock is an atrocity which must be acknowledged. Turner’s failure…show more content…
Turner hesitates to mention anyone in his essay who is not male or Germanic or at least European, leaving out huge demographics of people who heavily influenced the West. The lack of recognition for the people who actually built the country, with or without choice, is detrimental to history and representation later on in America. The Europeans that came to America had very oppressive laws of property which they carried over with them. The Natives who had been living there for years had a very different concept of property; many believed that the land was gifted to everyone and no one person could own any part of that land. However, the Europeans refused this idea and saw this as an opportunity to take whatever they wanted. Part of the problem with Western expansion, was the land people were expanding onto was far bigger than
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