Native American History Chapter 4 Summary

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Name: Ashutosh(Osh) Bhattarai Date: 8/30/15 Period: 5 Chapter and Title: Chapter 4 Red Eyes Questions: • Native Americans have been pretty much been misinformed in most of history • They are represented from the point of view of Europeans and barely think from their point of view • However the textbooks have been improving in the way they have been presenting their information on the Native Americans • Other authors of history textbooks are criticizing for using disrespectful words such as half-breeds and savages • Some authors how bias as they clearly favor the white Europeans as they are described as settlers and not…show more content…
New weapons were used, people stopped making useless items and started fur trapping in order to get better goods • Due to the many Native Americans dying, most Native tribes decided to expand their tribes by combining with larger tribes where larger tribes had an ethnic diversity • In order to gain more land for themselves, Europeans turned tribes against on another which also caused more Native Americans to die • Slavery was not just common with the Europeans, the Natives also sold rival Native 's to the Europeans for goods • However the slavery that occurred in Native tribes are not elaborated in most of the history textbooks • in 1717 there was a combined rebellion with Natives and African Slaves • Some colonies such had a higher population of slaves than European • The arrival of the Europeans didn 't just diminished the population of the Native Americans, it also diminished their culture as the Natives began to rely more on the European colonists • The colonists had no more use for the Natives as they began to prosper • Most of the textbooks don 't mention about how the Native American culture begins to dwindle down due to the changes of their
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