Native American Image Analysis

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European Images of Native Americans

The European drawings of the Native Americans gave the visual that life along the Eastern Woodland was very tough. Although it seemed that way, it also seems as if they were adapted to a tough lifestyle making it seem easy and peaceful. Anything that was desired they worked hard for it. Along with working hard they also took the time out to have fun, according to their ceremonial dances. The Natives Americans seems as if they were built to live this kind of lifestyle.
By analyzing all the photos I can conclude that life along the Eastern Woodland was pretty dangerous. The battle scenes were pretty horrific. They did not have guns and other machinery like modern day wars, they simply had bows and arrows and axe like weapons, so in order to kill off one another they had to get close to physical contact. After killing they would chop off the limbs of their enemies and sometimes hang them onto their spears.
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The Europeans lived a different life that the Native Americans might not be able to adapt to so they view them as prehistoric and backwards. The Native Americans lived a life that you have to work hard for, they did not have up to date weapons as the Europeans had. Everything the Native Americans had were made in their village, most likely handmade, such clothes and canoes. They saw the trade with the Europeans as good because they were given things that were not used to. The Europeans viewed the trade with the Native Americans as a huge bonus to them because they gave away small unnecessary thing in exchange for the Native Americans crops that they worked hard to grow. Generally the Europeans viewed their selves as being better and more powerful than the Native Americans. The Native Americans views the Europeans are untrustworthy and uncivilized because they attempted to be welcoming while the Europeans came to take over their
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