Native American Democracy

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Democracy has become a symbol of the grand United States of America. The nation deemed with the power to spread its God-given values were, inspired by the Native Americans? The Native Americans operated a politically revolutionary governmental system for their time, the Iroquois League, which would eventually morph into a form of inspiration for the colonists. Therefore, the culture of Native Americans affected American Democracy by influencing a checks and balances system, a democratic debate system, and national and simultaneous regional governmental systems through the Iroquois League.
The colonists had many interactions with the Native Americans. Firstly, in 1775, the Continental Congress created a Department of Indian Affairs, headed
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The British Colonists arrived in America after spending all of their lives under the rule of king. This life was very restricted for most of the colonists, as they had to succumb to the laws, rules, and national religion stated by the aristocrat rulers. When they saw and heard about how the Natives were worshipping which ever religion they wished and how they were not burdened by the rules of faraway leaders, they were inspired by their freedom and opportunities .
Additionally, there was a clear divide between gender and class in English society at this time. Native Americans ideas of equality and liberty seemed to influence many of the European philosophers, and later some of the inclusions into the Bill of Rights . These Native Americans ideals of equality and liberty were the foundation of the then-radical ideas that the United States is built on
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They could inspire people by their interactions with George Morgan, Ben Franklin, missionaries, and traders. Their debate and checks and balances system, though not extremely efficient, is very similar to the American system. Also, the Native Americans had created simultaneous national and regional governments. Though not entirely revolutionary, it was a model for the colonies. Knowing this information, the colonists had a strong source of inspiration to draw from. This revolutionary nation that the colonists would create would hold many of the ideas Natives Americans had formed in very information measure. Importantly, many of the things Americans now take pride and honor in can be traced back to the culture and politics of the Native
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