Native American Impact

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In saving a savage nation: The acquisition of native lands for private benefit and a call for restoration, Sandra Joy Taylor describes the impact that European settling has had the ecosystem of the Americas. THEME: Post European settlement the Native American’s culture, lifestyle and way of life was decimated, not only did that occur but the ecological and biological effects of the European take-over were also negative. This is because of the careless exploration of the Europeans that explored after Columbus found the Americas. The first European settlers had a mistaken first impression of the Native Americans, they saw them as savages and not people with a directed way of life. Despite what the European thought, Native Americans had organized…show more content…
This Nomadic lifestyle was very important to the sustainability of nature around them and the grounds they were on. Nature suffered immensely after European extortion simply because they didn’t take care of it like the natives did. Entire ecosystems and species of plants as well as some animals vanished because of how Europeans treated the land. The ravaging of the land would continue for several years after the Europeans would arrive and all in the name of progress. A classic example of this would be the industrial revolution, settling Europeans (the British) would now be called Americans after participating in a revolution. Technology would soon and advance and science became the focal point of the nation. Ignoring the knowledge of the indigenous people and continuing to destroy the land it got to a bleak point in history were the president had to step in and preserver the beauty of America. It was not until president Theodore Roosevelt stepped and implement laws that would assist in the proper conservation of nature. Due to Teddy Roosevelt action there is now control tourism in which we can appreciate the beauty of nature but not be reckless and to save it for generations to come. Conservation of species of plants, animals and nature in general is crucial to the survival of the people themselves, and I believe that the Native Americans understood that the most. A balance between progress and preserving nature is essential to have a sustainable ecosystem. Natives had progressed to stable point in their civilization, in which they stopped progressing and they able to leave nature as they found it. Natives would rotate lands and this would give the soil to recover, when they would hunt they would use the entire animal; like using the bones for spoons and the hide for clothing. Natives made the best use of the land and there surrounding
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