Native American Mascot Research Paper

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There has been a great controversy over whether or not schools and teams keep their Mascots that portray images of Native Americans. Articles in newspapers, websites, and magazines discussing the topic are provided to the public. There is even a press release from the supreme court where they have addressed such issue. Schools, teams, and Native Americans have viewed these documents and taken their own stand on the issue. I am going to decide whether or not cities/teams should get rid of their Native American mascots/nicknames. In doing so, evidence will be provided stating that the mascots are not meant to become a slur, Natives are alright with the idea of having a mascot named after them, and what the Supreme Court decides.
When opposers view the Washington Redskins, they think of a racial slur that is meant to offend and stereotype Native Americans. It seems as though the opposition has not done the proper research on a stance they are so adamant about. Researchers say that the name change of the Washington Redskins, “coincided with the hiring of a new coach, an Indian named Lone
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“A Sports Illustrated poll conducted a few years back is often cited: It indicated that most Indians are not offended when teams adopt native nicknames,”(Doc 2). Not only that but also, Reyn Leno, a local native in the state of Oregon says, “Our people are proud to be known as Indians, Braves, Warriors and Chiefs,” (Doc 5). This seems to contradict the argument that, “The use of stereotypical images of Native Americans by educational institutions has the potential to create a racially hostile educational environment that may be intimidating to Indian students,” (Doc 7). It states the Native American students are having a hard time in school, but a Native American himself says that they are proud to have these
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