Native American Migration Essay

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This phenomenal event called the “Possible migration of ancient people’’; took place because of a large land mass the “Bering Straits.” This landmass was located on the western side of Alaska and is now presently known as “Beringia.” This land bridge is the reason Asia and North America was once connected around the time of 1400 BC; causing the astonishing migrations of the first Native American Tribes to occur. This migration involved the settlement of Native Americans in the Northern, Central, and Southern Regions. José de Acosta was a Jesuit missionary, that wrote about the migration to the “New World” from the little evidence left behind by the roaming tribes anytime between 14,000 -15,000 BC. It is believed that the early people of the Americas came from Asia in search of food and…show more content…
The Europeans were plagued with sickness and endless wars. The incentives for the Exploration only came after Columbus death; when the European Monarchs saw the potential for wealth and fame obtained through farming, mining, and other natural resources. The Spaniards Ferdinand and Isabella continued to conquer and control the voyages sailed across the Atlantic Ocean, with hopes of “discovering” a new world; along with establishing a partnership with Eastern Asia for swifter trade routes. Explorers Hernando de Soto, Hernan Cortes, and Vespucci, these great adventures would be recognized in History for the quest of the “Spanish Crown” and speaking about the Catholic lifestyle when their ships docked. These voyagers were particularly fascinated with Fountain of youth and the city of gold, El Dorado; which influenced the large religious and difficult group. All in all the most motivational influence of “God, gold and Glory” throughout the 15th and 16th centuries would be “God

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