Native American Mythology Research Paper

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Kristina Garcia
Mrs. Herrera
English II
September 19, 2016
Native American Mythology Essay Native Mythology is based upon the beliefs of Native Americans. They co-existed with nature and wild living in peace, that is before the Europeans came to their land, later known as America. To put things in perspective, when hunting for animals, once killed they would thank them before using them for their meal, doing this as a sign of respect. There are many variations of Native American beliefs including The Earth on Turtles Back, The Navajo Origin Legend, and When the Grizzlies Walked Upright. Many differences and similarities arise in each of these stories including their beliefs differing in the way humans were created, while the attitudes base
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Take into account that the Earth on Turtles back had the significance of animals saving the sky women and helping find and carry earth so that the pregnant women could live. In the When Grizzlies Walked Upright, the animals also were considered significant, except that they were important to the creation of the Native American race. While in the Navajo Origin Legend there is no mention of animals at all. In the Earth on Turtles back it had no mention of the creation of humans, just described the creation of Earth, while The Navajo and the Grizzly story described the creation of…show more content…
In When Grizzlies Walked Upright, the sky Gods daughter being in the chimney, curious to see if the view of the ocean from their home was truly amazing as her father told her. In the Navajo Origin Legend there was a deep respect of the people towards their three gods. More than that, all these stories are orally passed on, most Native Americans had no written language so they were passed down through generations by

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