Native American Philosopher Pocahontas

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Pocahontas was a Native American princess who was best known for saving a white settler’s life. This Englishman, John Smith, recorded much of what we now know about Pocahontas. She was born “Amounte” around 1565 in Tsenacommacah, a former Native American settlement in Virginia. She was described as being very playful. Her frivolous nature led to the name change of Pocahontas, which means “playful, merry little one”. In 1607, white settlers made Jamestown, Virginia their new home. In the winter, John Smith was captured by Pocahontas’s brother and was shown around various Indian towns before being brought to Tsenacommacah. In Smith’s first account in 1608, he stated there was a feast before he talked to the chief, Pocahontas’s father. He made
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