Native American Protest Synthesis Essay

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The historical background to the documents informing us about the Native America Protests is a long waiting history. It got started when we pushed Indians of their promised lands over and over again. This famous time period has led to stories of tears and remarkable hardships that they overcame. The documents both talked about these stories. In the first one, Native Americans took control of Alcatraz Island, the former prison off the coast of California. It talked about it how it had no running water, no ways of transportation on the island and has nothing to deal with mineral and oil rights. This makes is better for the Natives living in protest on the island because it is things that they already do not live with or have had issues with. This added to the issues with the Native American and the Americans. In the other document, events like the American Indian Movement in Washington D.C. and the movement at Wounded Knee, South Dakota. The event at Alcatraz helped lead to these movements and take it to a federal court to judge the issues at hand. The reactions were not the greatest and that is why it went to court but ended up not being anything major.
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They were not getting a say in government issues kicked off of their “promised” land that the United States government said they “could” have. The U.S. made this temporary and that is what caused the protests in the documents and other ones throughout history. Today, they are hurt by it. For example, the area around Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota became famous in the recent headline. They were protesting the oil pipeline that would carry gallons of American oil from North Dakota to Illinois. This is helpful for the economy, but not for the Natives who call this place home. This is hurting the homeland of these innocent
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