Native American Puritans And Rationalists

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In this chapter of my American Literature course, I learned about Native Americans, Puritans and Rationalists, how Benjamin Franklin thought a person should live, and about the lives of people during the 16 and 1700s. This is a summary of the things I learned about these times. The native Americans lived in the U.S. before and during our colonization. They believed in many different gods. They typically believed that animals were important and that because they once took care of the land, the humans would have to do it too. They believed in many legends and stories. They were very artistic, and very musical, too. They were taught to be kind, have respect for people (especially Elders) and to share. The most important thing I learned about the native Americans was about their literature and stories. They wrote about how they believed the earth was made, how the animals contributed to it, and…show more content…
Puritans thought our lives should be centered around God and worship, and rationalists thought we should center them around art, science and the building of the world. The puritans favored religion, and rationalists favored science and reason. I read about these different groups of people and their effect on literature and a sermon called Sinners at the Hand of an Angry God which I used to distinguish the two perspectives.. I learned about Benjamin Franklin. He was not only a president, but he was also a rationalist and a well known scientist. I read about his methods on perfection from his book and his strategy to obtain it. His way of thinking was very smart and he was a pioneer in studying and being a perfect person. He kept an impressive log of his mistakes every day and used it to keep track of how he could improve and be even better. While he was never perfect, he said that his efforts to be perfect made him an overall happier person and it immensely improved the quality of his
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