Native American Reflection Essay

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Initially, when I first walked into class, I had no respect for writing papers or the class. However, as the weeks progressed and the weeks went by, I’ve slowly gained the respect that English deserves. While it is still fairly difficult for me to formulate my thoughts and turn them into cohesive, well-structured sentences and paragraphs, I now know that most of what I write now is so much better than what my writing was when we initially started. It is through practice and revision that my writing has improved. The moment we walked into class, we were faced with the first assignment, “Native Americans: Before and After.” I pondered the significance this assignment had to do with the class, as it seemed pointless at first glance. Looking at it now, however, it did a lot. The whole exercise possessed an allegorical meaning; it not only taught us about Native Americans, but it also connected us with their story. It showed us how Native Americans gained a voice and it also put us in their shoes. This connection affected our ethos with made the event much more meaningful. While…show more content…
It makes us analyze words in a deeper context that have to do with our argument. As a writer, I think that many of any arguments I make are incomplete. With the quotation journal, you’re supposed to look closer at words while broadening your scope on words so that our analysis is more interesting and can connect to our thesis in an intriguing way. This is how I have expanded as a writer. Before, I would rarely mention anything interesting in my analysis. In fact, my analysis wasn’t even analyzing anything about the quote but how the quote proved a certain situation. This meant that my analysis was very weak and not developed. Now, looking at my quotation journals, my analysis are more content focused and more developed than
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