Native American Religion Summary

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• The first form of democracy in the Americas came from the Iroquois Confederacy although the House of Burgess was some form of legislative government in Virginia • There are some ideas which there haven 't been any textbooks that mention that the ideas from the Bill of Rights actually could have never happened without the Native Americans • "Do you really believe that all those ideas would have found birth among a people who spent a millennium butchering other people of intolerance of questions of religion?"(John Mohawk ,113) • At some points in history the Natives weren 't hated by all the colonists. They were also used as symbol during the Boston Tea Party where the colonists rebelled against Britain and made it lose lots of money…show more content…
es • The only important thing that were brought over from Europe to the Americas were horses, and lots of diseases • Some textbooks refuse to acknowledge that without the help of Native Americans help there wouldn 't have been any progress with the development of the Americas • Most of the territories would have not been able to be explored without a guide and the only expert guides were the Native Americans • It 's interesting as how the some textbooks describe Native American religion as if it was some bizarre theory that didn 't make any sense, however no one would try to describe Christianity in simple terms that would obviously be offensive, however textbooks get the notion that since it 's about the Native Americans there would be no one taking offense to it • Textbooks just generalize the Native 's religion and don 't really try to convey those religions in non offensive manner as they would with just as any other religion • There have been some textbooks that clearly have a bias for the Europeans as they are constantly depicted as settlers and the Native Americans are depicted as the aggressors • To an extent there have been aggressive Native Americans, however the same can be said about the Europeans as lots of Native Americans were slaughtered for
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