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Native American Research: Chief Pontiac
Chief Pontiac is a Native American that is important to the United States’ history. He was a part of the Ottawa tribe and led the American Indians to a revolution also known as the Pontiac War or Pontiac’s Rebellion, which was against the British when they first came to America. He wasn’t afraid to die for his rights. He believed that they all had rights to live in America and to live how they wanted to live. I chose him for my Native American Research because he was a courageous Native American hero.
Early Life
Not much was known about Chief Pontiac’s early life. There is also no exact known date of his birth but he was born in the year of 1720 on the Maumee River, which is now known to be in Ohio, United States. He took the footsteps of his father, and did whatever it takes to become part of the tribe. When he was very young he didn’t go to school. Instead he learned how to hunt and how to become a leader and part of the Ottawa tribe.
Part of the Ottawa Tribe
Pontiac tried really hard to become part of the Ottawa tribe by learning how to hunt and other survival skills. The Ottawa tribe is known for their trading beadwork, and basketry. He defended and kept his people safe from the tribe’s enemies. He was a true leader and
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They disagreed with the British polices of the postwar right after the war between France and the Indians. Pontiac formed alliances with many other tribes. The French allied with the Indians during the war and they were really friendly towards each other right after the war. The warriors of the French and the Indians formed an alliance to clear the English army/settlers away from their territories. The Indians and the French won the war and continued their ways of living life. They named the rebellion after Chief Pontiac because he was the leader that was most
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