Native American Reservation Narrative

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With a ticket in my hand, I would go to the place that holds a lot of memories. This location would be the Native American reservation that includes the miniscule towns Tsaile, Chinle, and Lukachukai in Arizona. Through many years my great grandma, grandma, and mother grew up on this Navajo reservation. On this vast land, there were many homes my family members lived in and national attractions. First, I would explore the winter house. It’s abandoned, completely isolated, and still has furniture, clothes, and toys that my mother had when she was little. I would like to visit this place with my grandma and mother too, because I feel like a chance like this would never happen again. The home is hard to find, and only my grandmother can locate it. It’s very difficult to get to because there’s no roads or any signs for direction, it’s all based off of my grandma’s memory. The passage to the home is up a steep hill, with random shrubs dispersed around the reservation. I get out of the car and from a short distance walking towards the house, stickers are all over my shoelaces. Once I’m inside the home I see my mother and aunt’s old girl scout uniforms in their small room they had in the 1970’s, the original box spring from their bed tumbled around, and reminisces from purses that were my great grandmother’s. All around the floor I also see…show more content…
Inside there’s the typical tourist items but what intrigues me the most would be the gallery walk. The gallery walk features many images of Native American culture; there's ones of the wool woven blankets, headdresses the men wore, and the inside of the small homes similar to forts called “hogans.” There's also writings that are in the Navajo language that my grandma translates to me. After the end of this unique experience I learn more about my culture, visit family I don't often get to see, and lastly an experience of a
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