Native American Soldiers In World War 2

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The World War 2 was a global war that took place from 1939 up to 1945. The great powers that were involved in this war formed alliances for purposes of fighting their common enemies. The U.S. was highly involved in this war since it had some special interests. Native Americans are ranked among the groups that helped the U.S. fight its enemies during this war. Their involvement provided the manpower that was required to fight a tough battle. Thousands of Native Americans participated in the World War 2. Some of the regiments they served include the Navy, Coast Guard, and the Marines. A majority of Native American women worked as nurses for purposes of providing medical support to their counterparts who got hurt in the battleground. Thesis statement…show more content…
A perfect example of these Apaches was the Mescalero Apaches which helped the American military achieve its goals during the war. The devotion and commitment that the Native Americans showcases paints the image of a community that overlooked past resentments and disappointments. They would have opted to count themselves as a minority group but instead approached the battleground in full force. It is this evident that the Native Americans understood the benefits of defending one’s own land in times of crisis. When the Pearl Harbor was attacked, a population of 5,000 Native Americans was active in the battleground. Despite the negative outcome of the attack, they did not flee from the war. Instead, their numbers kept increasing due to the need for more manpower. As at the end of the war, their numbers had hiked up to a high population of 44,000 Native Indians. It is evident that Native Americans showcased a high sense of loyalty to a society that had for a long time disregarded and failed to recognize…show more content…
Among the participants were the Native Americans, who enrolled voluntarily in huge numbers. Their ability to learn made them perfect soldiers who aided the U.S. Army in eliminating enemy threat. 44,000 Native Americans served in the World War 2 thereby providing the required manpower. Despite the presence of challenges, the Native Americans worked hard to safeguard the integrity of their Nation. Up to date, they are recognized as a group that was very committed to the war effort. The formation of the Navajo Code Talkers made it easy to pass messages without the Chinese being able to break it. The Native Americans were thus devoted, and their efforts influenced other servicemen to devote themselves

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