Aztecs Pros And Cons

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Every sports team has their own unique and distinctive name that points out certain strengths of their athletic group; however, the team names are often chosen based on inaccurate descriptions of Native Americans and misconceptions of their ethnic culture. This unfortunate group of people is the only racial category that appears on college and professional teams which makes them feel irked. In the place of a Native American, I would agree that certain sports team names are highly offensive and would make a clear point that high school, college, amateur, semi-professional, and professional athletic clubs must discontinue the use of these names, especially the following sports teams: San Diego State University Aztecs, Kansas City Chiefs, and…show more content…
According to “Out of Many”, an AP U.S. History textbook, the actual Aztecs were war people that first started dominating the Valley of Mexico in 1100 and defeated by the Spanish explorer, Hernan Cortes in 1521 (Faragher 43). During football games, fans wear featherheads to cheer the team on. However, the Aztecs were people of a fallen civilization and deserve respect for being great leaders in trade disposition. Even Native Americans of other descendents disapprove the use of featherheads to be used in cheering because it ignores the cultural significance of the headpiece and the featherheads do not come from the…show more content…
No one really has the correct answer. The only answer is that these names are hurting the Native Americans more and more. With this kind of treatment, Native Americans feel as if they are considered as minorities, considered as unfortunate, and considered as insignificant in racial categories. By having their tribe and group names on the athletes’ jerseys, it brings anger rather than pride to be a Native American. Whether considered as a major ethnic group or not, Native Americans must be given the respect by having all offensive names on sports team repealed and a legal assurance that there will be no further misconceptions and racial prejudice in sports history ever again in United States
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