Native American Testimony Reflection

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Reflection #3 This reflection paper will be focusing on two different documents that are explored within the book Native American Testimony by Nabokov. The first document that will be discussed titled I Have Spoken. This can be found within Chapter 9, section 4. The reason why I chose to go further in depth with this document, is because the title itself stands out to me. What sparked my interest is the action of using your voice to speak up on issues that are normally resolved. For my second document, I chose No Dawn to the East. It has caught my attention and had me become more interested due to the phrase, “darkness is stealing over me” (pg. 181). To provide a summary for the document, I Have Spoken, it is about a man named Crazy Horse who was an Oglala Sioux Leader. Crazy Horse’s thoughts and actions in terms of creating peace between him and those who are making a barrier to prevent that from happening was explained. Taking place at Fort Robinson, Nebraska, in 1877, this…show more content…
This was anonymously written and the tribe is unknown. As I search where the time period is for this document, it is nowhere to be found. The pronoun that was used to describe the writer was he. This could possibly mean that it is a male. The area in where it was written is not clearly identified, but the story includes Mississippi to the Great Plains. A brief overview of this section of Nabokov’s book, is that the tribal elder had spoke his mind towards what has been given to him and what has been taken away. In the sense of what is provided for his tribe, were countless amounts of food sources. As the White men came to the area, many things were lost as Buffalos reduced in numbers and so did warriors of the tribe. The idea of the Native children growing up to carry on their own traditions would probably not have happened. Seen in the reading, they had to give up the ways they were raised and had to become similar to the white
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