The Effects Of Westward Expansion On Native Americans

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The U.S. expansion consequently harmed many Native Americans and caused many problems. The Native Americans were kicked out of their homes, were depleted of resources, or killed. According to the “Trail of Tears” painting context, “the Cherokee faced hunger, disease, and exhaustion. Over 4,000 died on the journey.” Robert Lindneux displayed the Native Americans looking deathly tired and weak during the Trail of Tears. There were many of them all ages moving by horse, wagon, or walking. This shows Robert Lindneux wants us to visualize the hardship that Native Americans were forced into. The painting was created after the Westward expansion showing that it was not a good idea. William Weatherford, in “Adventures Among Indians”, stated “ people are all gone--I can do no more than weep over the misfortunes of my nation. Once I could animate my warriors to battle: but I cannot animate the dead.” Native Americans fought back against the United States but many were killed during battle. Some, like William Weatherford, in the end, had to surrender to America. This document was created while the United States was expanding. The Native Americans at the time were forced off their homes so they fought back but ultimately they were killed. The letter written by Henry Dearborn addressed to Callender Irvine in 1803 stated, “policy encouraged Indians to adopt white American customs and economic practices.” It shows that some of the Native Americans that the U.S. government tried
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