Native Americans Chapter Summaries

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I. “It was a good life, with only a few small annoyances buzzing like mosquitoes inside his head. One of these was the thought of Indians. Not that he feared them. His father had been assured by the proprietors that his new settlement would be safe. Since the last treaty with the tribes, there had not been an attack reported anywhere in this part of Maine. Still, one could not entirely forget all those horrid tales. And he just didn’t like the feeling he had sometimes that someone was watching him.” The manner of this book is that “Indians” are sneaky and inferior and is set as early as page 9 in paragraph #2. With this on page 9 the reader starts preparing for the “scary” Indians to come in the story. When Saknis and Attean do arrive in the story they not only save Matt from drowning, the save him from hunger and isolation for several months and ensure his well-being by teaching him how to use things from the environment to survive. Yet all Matt can do is think of the competition between himself and Attean, and how he could do better than the Indian boy. Attean and Saknis speak in grunts and out of order English. P.26 “Good.” It was half word, half grunt. “White boy very sick. Now well.” II. Once again it was impossible to tell whether…show more content…
When on page 37 Matt reads about the storm and sinking of the ship and notices that Attean did not show interest and tries to explain that the book gets better. Attean asks “White man get out of water?” P. 69 & 70. Matt reads the story of Noah and the Great Flood. Attean smiles with recognition for he knows a story that is about a great flood. Attean tells the story that his tribe has told him about and Matt can’t figure out how the Indians in the forest would know about a great flood? In the last paragraph a label is assigned to a “creation story” of a people within a culture and the label is that of a folktale, less than a bible story and surely not
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