How Did African Americans Interact In The 17th Century

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At the start of the 17th century, the first English people to settle in colonial America expected to establish a trade factory with the native peoples as previously done in Sierra Leone, Morocco and India. They expected to trade precious metals, fruits and anything else that could be traded. However, what they embarked upon was extremely rich soil that hinted off the abundance of agricultural wealth just waiting to be exploited. Nevertheless, this agricultural wealth also came with the requirement of an intensive work force. The work force that was supplied firstly with Indentured servants over the Native Americans, which later became the main instrument as to why the African slaves were used a few decades later. The first set of people who habituated the lands of North American when the Europeans arrived was the Native Indians. The Dutch and French established fur-trading colonies, whilst the Spanish and the English created settler colonies. The settlers expected to establish trade ports along the coast, trading fruits, gold and any other matter that could be sent back to Europe. However whilst settled near the natives, they realised that the Indians used…show more content…
These freed indentured servants encountered problems with the Native Americans because they wanted their land. They then turned to the rich plantation owners for help, but was denied because they themselves had treaties with the Native Americans i.e. trading secret deals. When the free servants did not get the support they wanted from the other rich whites, they retaliated. The main retaliation that moved the plantation owners is known as ‘Bacon’s Rebellion’. Nathaniel Bacon, was a freed indentured servant who led a group of other freed indentured servants to burn down Jamestown, when they didn’t get the support that they wanted from the plantation
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