Native Americans In Red Cloud's War

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Before American settlers came to America, Native Americans lived here. The Great Plains were their home, and had lived here for many centuries. Some lived in communities, while others were nomads. Native Americans were divided into bands which consisted in around 500 people. They had their own government that controlled each band, but most of the people helped in making the decisions. They believed in the spiritual power of the natural world. After the settlers can into America, they started to drive the Native Americans out of their own land. The settlers tried to relocate the Native Americans, but they resisted. Wagon trains, stagecoaches, and farms were attacked, and sometimes entire groups would go against each other. The sioux agreed to live on the reservations in exchange they would pay the government. However, most of the time the money never reached the government. Little Crow finally decided to help lead the uprising, but only wanted war to be against soldiers, not civilians. However with Dakota, he killed hundreds of settlers. When the rebellion was over 307 people was sentenced to death. Red Cloud’s War, was a…show more content…
Houses were burned down, wagon trains, farms, and homes were raided. It had gotten out of control, and so the governor demanded the Native Americans surrender, so that they could be taken care of, and no one would die. A couple of hundred surrendered, but many of the others did not, and sought out for a negotiation instead. The governor did not have the power to negotiate, so he told them to wait at the sand creek while he figured it out. Instead of negotiating he was ordered to kill them, since the Native Americans had killed so many people. The truth is still unsure about that night, but many people both soldiers and Native Americans had died that night at the Sand Creek Massacre. The Americans won, and most of the Native Americans
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