Native American Struggles

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Did you ever think about native americans throughout time? How they lived in the past to today? Throughout time Native Americans have faced many difficult obstacles, some that we know about that happened in the past, to recent happenings. From new land being discovered to diseases spread, to conflicts, wars, and to poverty in the modern world. These are the conflicts the The Native Americans faced from the beginning of time, to the modern day. Native americans were the first to step on the lands of the americas. They came before the europeans. During the ice age, there was a land bridge which is now called Beringia, Beringia was a land bridge between what is now modern Alaska to Asia. The natives followed wherever the mammoths went, since they…show more content…
There were five major tribes: Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek, and Seminole. They were known as the five civilized tribes. The Cherokee adopted the most white customs, like clothing and sending their kids to missionary school. Jackson still supported the policy of the native americans moving west, and believed the government had the right to regulate where the native americans lived, and thought they had two choices, which were either move west or become american citizens. The Americans found gold in georgia which was also cherokee land and that cause Georgia and southern states to pass a law that gave them the right to take over native americans lands, Jackson did support the united states. After that that lead to the indian removal acts which was proposed by Jackson, the proposal was objected, but after debating the indian removal act of 1830 was passed, it required government to negotiate treaties which required native americans to move west. After the removal act it lead to the all so famous trail of tears. Whites invaded and the native americans had no other choice but to sign treaties all the other tribes agreed except the Cherokees since they wanted to protect their land from being destroyed by the Americans. Chief Justice John Marshall had said that only federal government, could make laws governing the cherokees, not the states. That meant that Georgia could make laws that applied to the Cherokees, but Jackson and Georgia ignored the supreme court and carried on.A small group of Cherokees gave up and signed the treaty. After the treaty was signed over a thousand troops were commanded to force cherokees out and left with nothing but the clothes on their back, and forced

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