Native Americans: The Challenges Of The Native Americans

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Did you ever think about native americans throughout time? How they lived in the past to today? Throughout time Native Americans have faced many difficult obstacles, some that we know about that happened in the past, to recent happenings. From new land being discovered to diseases spread, to conflicts, wars, and to poverty in the modern world. These are the conflicts the The Native Americans faced from the beginning of time, to the modern day. Native americans were the first to step on the lands of the americas. They came before the europeans. During the ice age, there was a land bridge which is now called Beringia, Beringia was a land bridge between what is now modern Alaska to Asia. The natives followed wherever the mammoths went, since they were the main source of food. Native Americans were basically one with nature. They believed that everything had a soul from plants to rivers. They were respectful to the environment. for example when it was a specific season for an animal to come out they would hunt it but hunt it moderately, so the animal couldn 't go extinct. They did not overfish like the europeans. During (time) the europeans came in, which all in all ruined the Native Americans, they spread disease and ruined the land, and took most resources. More specifically when the British colonized land in America, they pushed the Native Americans to move, infected the, which partly lead to the French and Indian war, which was the war between the french and british, but
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