Deprivation Of Native Children Essay

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Factors of Deprivation of Native Child Rights in Respect of Education in Malaysia. The indigenous people (Orang Asal) of Malaysia represent more than 80 ethno-linguistic groups, with each group having its own culture, language, and traditional lands. There are approximately 4 million indigenous people in the country and they are amongst the poorest populations in Malaysia. Besides that, the native children face difficulties in accessing quality education. Low enrolment, poor academic performance and high dropout rates are key issues impacting this group of children.There are many factors which causes the deprivation of native child rights in respect of education in Malaysia. One of the factor for native children to deprive their rights…show more content…
The results of the study shows that the majority of the children (80.8%) admitted they do not know of their rights, especially their right to education, while only a small percentage of the children said that they know. Due to this lack of knowledge about their rights to education in particular, they are unaware that their right to education have been neglected or compromised because of their involvement in paid activities. In fact, further inquiry showed that some of the children studied did not even know what the term ‘right’ means or that they even have a ‘right’. However, among the children who had dropped out of school (20) or had never gone to school (2), there were those who harbour a desire to return to school or go to school if given the opportunity to do so (Table 10) Table 10. Desire to return to school if given the opportunity Desire to return/ go to school Frequency % Yes 14 63.6 No 8 36.4 Total 22 100.0 N = 26 Source: Field Data: 2008. In conclusion, as a consequences of deprivation of native child rights in education which cause them to deprive their rights in healthcare, land matters and also fundamental liberty.Therefore, individual, family,society and goverment and non-goverment agencies should take precaution steps to protect native child rights in

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