Native English As A Global Language Essay

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Throughout the years, English has established itself as a global language and frequently distinguished itself as a lingua franca and the language used for universal communication. It is widely used especially in the business field which creates a working and social life for many European citizens. It is a requirement in most of the top universities to be fluent in English. However, it cost time and money to learn a language. It’s like deciding that if people speak French more than English, therefore it should be treated as a global language. Many people would be terrified at this suggestion. The idea that native English speakers would have to learn another language is a thought that would never cross their mind unless they were moving abroad. So, if native English speakers aren’t willing to learn the basics of another language, why should they expect the rest of the world to try to learn the English language just to suit themselves?

It may be hard to imagine but English isn’t really the most spoken language in the world. That position belongs to Mandarin which is spoken by three billion people in China. However, this has been proved fruitless because
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We live in a world that is greatly affected by globalization. Non-English speakers are more willing to learn English, but it is the opposite when it comes to native English speakers who are less inclined to learn other languages. I believe this creates a double standard. Restricting conversations to only English considerably decreases the quality of the conversation. Perhaps it would be better if native English speakers learned a second language, it would be a win-win situation to native English speakers and non-English speakers. I would suggest promoting polyglot and creating foreign languages program after all, German did used to be the language of science and French, the language of

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