Native American Women Analysis

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The Native Americans are the indigenous tribes of American. Prior to Columbus visit America was already inhabited by the Native Americans. The Native Americans have long established their society, lived as hunter gatherer and practice matrilineal sytem. But with the arrivals of the Whites things started to change drastically and thereby penetrating into the Native Americans matriarchal cycle of life. Their long silences have given the Whites the opportunity to paint the Native women according to their imagination. Some portray them as savage, some whores or prostitute, and some see them as squaw, doing menial job. In every field whether it is academic, political, or popular the whites attempt to paint Native American cultures as patriarchal when they are not. So, Leslie Marmon Silko has taken up writings to reconstruct and redefine their lives from an insider’s point of view and reclaim their lost identities. This paper aims to study the true status of the Native American women in lights to Silko’s three texts – Ceremony, Storyteller, and Garden in the Dunes and thereby constrasting it with that of the status of the Whites Women and the Status of Native American men. Keywords – Native American, matriachal, Yellow woman, Kochininako, Reservation, Woman since ancient time is defined differently by different person. Some argues women are…show more content…
She is the main protagonist. Like any ordinary girls she grew up listening to stories. She is not given a particular name in the story. She can be any Indian woman of the Yupik tribes. But she is portrayed as a strong and independent woman. She goes all the way to bring the store man down to destruction – the destruction that cost him with his life, and who is in fact the cause to the dead of her parents. When the authority questioned her about the incident she answered thus
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