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13 NOVEMBER 2014

What Arnold Toynbee benignantly says is true: "Western iron has probably entered deep into India’s soul." Indian critical thinking is governed by different western and Brahminical School of thoughts which had made it very obscure and vague. Many writers failed to either completely westernize or traditionalize Indian critical studies into a single panel. However, Bhalchandra Nemade is among those writers who made an attempt to nativise literature by emphasizing on many regional language and culture, making it accessible to major population of India. Bhalchandra Nemade acknowledges two veteran scholars who widespread the works on nativism
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One of the very good example is Ghashiram Kotwal by Vijay tendulkar. It is a Marathi play written in 1972. It preserves the Marathi folk theatre as this play is performed in 'Tamasha' form which is a prominent part of Marathi theatre. There are 'Abhangas' (devotional songs) mixed with 'lavani' (love songs) glorifying the beauty of Marathi culture. In this way Nativism can be concluded as a social act which conserves the society we live…show more content…
Some communities are emotionally attached to a particular language, some communities’ shows affinity to the language which provides the speaker a more complex sense of humour or irony. There is no such device to measure or assess speech communities’ indulgences with its language. So it is a very futile question to ask to prefer consciousness over language or vice versa? Language affects one's consciousness so we should be very peculiar about the language we are using. This is the reason writers like Rabindranath Tagore, U.R Ananthmurthy and Mahatma Gandhi were discussing about the use of English in our Indian literature and its aftereffects.

Nativism does not look for self-definition by indicating to 'other'. This attracts our attention to contemporary problem of identity and following the west which Namvar Singh is discussing in his essay: Decolonising the Indian Mind. Namvar singh explains that contemporary writers are writing those things which the west wants to read. They are only focused on increasing western audience and to look good in the eyes of west. This is somewhere because of Imperialism but we are in great danger. So Nativism doesn't allow the colonized outlook of literature and helps in building its own creative
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