Nativity Set Backdrop Analysis

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Nativity Set Backdrop – Miranda Marti
The artwork that I chose to discuss is by an unknown artist in Central Mexico. The artwork is called Nativity Set Backdrop, Fondo Para Un Nacimiento. The date of the artwork is late 19th century and it is oil on muslin. There were no dimensions listed for the artwork. The painting is housed in the Folk Art section at the San Antonio Museum of Art in San Antonio, Texas. This painting is representational and it is a realistic piece.
The artist used a two-point linear perspective for this painting since there is more than one vanishing point. When we look at the painting we can see trees, mountains and houses before the vanishing points. The artist used lines in the painting to divide or connect things, to indicate the edges of shapes, and he also used contour lines. The artist created the illusion of space by overlapping images in the painting such as the palm trees in front of the mountains. The use of light gives clarity, and contrast to the painting. The Nativity Set Backdrop has extensive use of light which creates an atmospheric or aerial
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The hue of blue used for the sky and the mountains changes in value from a shade of dark blue to a tint of blue. The hue of green also changes in value from a shade of dark green to a tint of green. The colors in the artwork also change as a result of different wavelengths of light. The colors that the artist chose for this piece also contribute to the overall effect of the painting. The artist used the green color extensively throughout the painting which gives the sensation of calmness, harmony and nature. There is also a sense of harmony and sincerity in this painting. The other color that was used extensively is the color blue which also gives the feeling of balance, order and peace. Brown, and beige which are neutral colors, were also used in the painting and it balances and unifies the
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