Natural And Natural Cloning

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There are in fact two types of cloning, natural and artificial.
Natural Cloning:
Natural cloning occurs in single-celled organisms. Examples of these organisms would be bacteria, protozoa and fungi. These organisms produce genetically identical cells through asexual reproduction.
Natural cloning also occurs in mammals, including humans. Twins are produced, when a fertilised egg splits. This split creates multiple embryos with almost the same genetic information.
(Information gathered from this year’s Biology textbook)
Artificial Cloning:
There are three types of artificial cloning, namely gene, reproductive and therapeutic cloning.
Gene: this is when a desire gene is located and cloned from DNA extracted from the organism that contains the desired gene.
Reproductive: this is the production of a genetic duplicate of an organism. Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer is the most common method. This involves taking the nucleus of a cell from one animal and transferring it into the egg cell of another animal.
Therapeutic: this involves Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer however; the embryo created is destroyed in order to harvest the embryo’s undifferentiated cells. These cells which contain the patient’s own DNA are then infused into the patient, in order to help heal any disease or injury they may have.
Being a Messianic Christian myself, I shall discuss religious objections based on research I have conducted from my Bible.
In Deuteronomy 22:9, it mentions that humans are not
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