Natural Characteristics Of Canada's Influence Human Activity

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How do natural characteristics of Canada influence human activity, and how might human activity influence Canada’s natural characteristic?
Canada is the second largest country in the world, its landform region has a large range from the lowlands to mountains. This characteristic make the country extremely extraordinary among other countries. However, the great natural characteristic also creates a huge impact on the way of life for Canadian. Examples of influences to human from natural characteristic can be the Canadian population distribution, economy, farming. In order to adapt the coldness from the north, people uses technology to change and moderate the environment but also brought variety influence to the natural Characteristic. Different types of human activities create climate change, land fragmentation, and pollution to our environment.
How Canada’s natural characteristic influence human activity?
Population Distribution and Climate
The location of Canada is on the north
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Since many areas in Canada isn't populated, many areas have been used for The Canadian Shield, a region which is the feet of the ancient mountain, provide a type of tourism which is unique around the world. Each year, people come to Canadian Shield to see the Rockies landscape created by metamorphic and igneous rocks. Talking about mountains, the east and west coast also contain high mountain which is the Rockies, and the Appalachian. Both Rockies and Appalachian have formed million of years ago, due to erosion Appalachian is not sharp anymore. Another Tourist attraction from the east and west coast is the Atlantic Oceans and Pacific Oceans. Thousands of people from inland go there to see the large body of water. Last, one of the most important attraction is the Northern Arctic and Southern Arctic ecozone. These ecozones attract people because of the
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