Natural Darkness Analysis

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Natural darkness needs to be preserved because the consequences of losing darkness could lead to dire things such as an over-reliance on artificial lighting and sleep-related disorders.Bogard persuades the audience to preserve natural darkness by illustrating the importance of darkness.
All life evolved to the steady rhythm of bright days and dark nights. However that balance is disturbed once we turn on the lights the minute darkness creeps into the room. Cutting on a light might not seem harmful to people but to the night sky it is extremely devastating. We are allowing light pollution to slowly creep into our night, meaning a lot of bright days and even brighter nights. Bogard explains by cutting off the lights and allowing the darkness
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Many creatures like the rest of the world depends on darkness. Several species of birds, insect, mammals, fish and reptiles. These species rely on the night’s darkness to survive such as sea turtles that come ashore . The only impeding on this is ecological light pollution which is wrecking habitats. People’s over-reliance on light is what is affecting the ecosystems around us. Bogard put it simply that without darkness, Earth’s ecology would collapse. How would you feel if you held the fate of the world’s ecosystem in your fingertips.
Bogard talks about his family’s cabin in Minnesota lake and how there was a woods so dark that his hand disappeared before his eyes. I share a similar experience to Bogard. I live in a house that once it gets dark you can’t even see the person in front of you. I was always extremely scared of the dark not knowing what lurked in the depths of night. I was always constantly cutting on lights, never wanting it to be dark. I had no idea that be I was harming the ecosystem at all. I just didn’t want it to be dark at all.
In Bogard’s “ Let There Be Dark” he talks about the several things affecting natural darkness. While reading you realize that there is a simple answer to this problem just cut off the light. As simple as that sounds it’s not that easy, we as people are scared of what lurks beyond. I realize there are scarier things than darkness, for example a night sky that isn’t dark at all. Is turning on the light really worth losing our natural
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