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Introduction When natural disasters strike unexpectedly they can be dreadful and cause enormous harm, loss or devastation to countless lives. Disasters have been classified as ecologic dilemma or brutal and high-magnitude emergencies resulting in deaths, injuries, illnesses, and severe damages that cannot be successfully managed easy. Natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions etc, These disasters may begin acutely with dramatic health, social effects. In recent years, many people have been killed by natural disasters and it’s not very easy to control the effects after they strike, leaving countless diseases. Natural disasters such as earthquakes severely increase the mortality and morbidity resulting from communicable diseases, although the epidemics of infectious diseases after the natural disaster are actually rare. The top five causes of death after disasters include diarrhoea, acute respiratory infection, measles, malnutrition and, in endemic zones, malaria. With suitable involvement, high morbidity and mortality resulting from communicable diseases can be avoided to a great deal. Communicable disease after disaster In most cases the most important causes of communicable disease after disasters can be classified into four groups: Infections due to tainted food and water, respiratory infections, vector and…show more content…
The project suggests the following minimum standards for the water supply in disasters: adequate admission to safe water, water quality should be upheld based on international rules and water consumption facilities and goods should be safe. Individuals should have adequate services and supplies to collect, save and use adequate quantities of water for drinking, cooking and personal hygiene, and to confirm that drinking water remains safe till

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