Natural Disasters

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There have been many natural disasters in the US recently. Natural disasters like hurricanes and wildfires has hit the country and affected millions of people. The government plays a huge role in the recovery process. They must provide assistance and aid for the disaster victims and get people the help that they need. In the video “Cuppa GAO: Coffee With Our Experts – Disaster Assistance”, they discuss federal disaster assistance efforts and challenges. They discuss how the federal government responds to natural disasters. One way that the government responds and get people the aid they need is by direct help. The Coast Guard searches and rescue disaster victims and The Department of Defense and military delivers supplies. It is very important to save the victims and get them the supplies that they need to survive. Another way the government responds is by providing financial assistance. “Financial assistance is not only provided to individuals, but also to the state and local governments in order for them to rebuild infrastructure that were damaged.” (U.S. GAO, 2017). They assist with things such as schools, water treatment facilities, roads, buildings and more. The video also talks about how the government responded to the terrible hurricanes that hit Puerto Rico last year, and how the governments response could have improved. The federal government responded to Puerto Rico in the same way it does in all disasters. It provided resources for the victims. It provided

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