Natural Disasters

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The impact of flood (2010) on productivity of major crops in Sindh, Pakistan INTROCUCTION
A Natural disaster is an adverse and unpredictable event which generates from the natural processes of earth causes great economic, property and life damages, it includes Earthquakes, Droughts, Storms, Tsunamis, cyclones, Volcanic eruptions etc. The severity of natural disaster is function of the affected people’s resilience (
Flood is one of them most destructive natural disaster, which results from the excessive water level in rivers and lakes, it is a natural phenomenon flashed by high annual rainfall, dam failure, tsunamis or melting of the glacier due to global warming. Floods also associated with increasing demographic pressure and economic development which always resulted land degradation and encroachment. Total floods in the world responsible for 84% of all disaster related deaths between 2000 and 2005, and disaster associated losses of 65% between 1992 and 2001 (ADB, 2009). Globally, floods constitutes 31% of 9,632 natural disasters which took place in the 20th century ( Guha Sapir et al. 2012).
The 4,035 severe floods came in 1900-2012 killed 6.9 million people, displaced about 3.6 billion people and caused economic losses about $550 billion. In subcontinent Asia 1,625 floods came (40% of total disasters world wide) and caused 6.8million deaths (comprises 98% of deaths world wide), influenced 3.4 billion people
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