Natural Disasters In India

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Natural disasters are a leading cause of human mortality, damage to private and public property, the deterioration of human health and environmental degradation. Natural disaster impact and disaster intensity is similar across developed and developing countries, but developed countries have better disaster management and advanced disaster warning systems to prevent the post and pre disaster impact compared to developing nations. Evidence shows that the USA has faced the highest number of disaster events (506 reported events between 1974-2003) compared to any other country, but less number of people have become victims of these disaster events (4.5 million between1974-2003). On the other hand, developing countries like India and Bangladesh…show more content…
Every year different states in India face different forms of natural disasters such as floods, heavy rain, drought, cyclone, earthquake, tsunami, hailstorm, avalanche, cold waves, landslide, lightning, and the hot waves (Annual report, Ministry of Home, Govt. of India; 2009). The frequent occurrence of disaster events affects both socioeconomic lives of people and economic development of the country. The direct impacts of natural disasters are realized through the loss of human lives, damage of public and private property and damage of agriculture crops. These also create indirect effects, such as deterioration of the socioeconomic condition of people through increasing poverty and decline in agriculture…show more content…
According to the Home Ministry Annual Report (2007), total number of human lives lost is 3492 and total number of houses damaged is 2658406 and crop area damaged is 70.396 Lac.hector, taking into accounts all forms of natural disaster that have occurred in India in the year 2007.The total number of floods that have taken place in different parts of India from 1970 to 1998 is 148 (Parasuraman and Unnikrishnan, 2000). With respect to the damage caused by floods in India, the total crop damage is Rs 66009.635 Crore and total property damage is valued at Rs 33373.319 Crore and total number of human lives lost is 97551 from 1953-2011 (Central Water Commission Report, 2012). According to CRED report (2004), India ranks third in terms of vulnerability due to the number of disaster events; ranks second in terms of the total number of affected people and ranks fifth in terms of total damage

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