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Can you believe it? We’re abandoning Louisiana; but should we? Recently, the state of Louisiana has endured negligence from the United States and its people. Personally, it is sad to see that one of our conjoined states is being neglected. This is all because of the natural disasters that have been targeting the poor state. Because of all of the destruction and devastation that has taken place, most people feel it’s best to give up on our beloved state. We shouldn’t abandon Louisiana because United States’ citizens should learn to care for their entire nation; citizens should learn how to take cover and protection when these horrendous events take place, and Louisiana needs schools, workplaces, and homes for their community so they can flourish once again along with the rest of the country.

In previous years, the United States was a strong and united country. It is saddening that that is not the case now. Louisiana has endured several natural disasters that have brought destruction to homes of people within the state, and because of that, U.S. citizens have suggested that we just simply give up on the state. This has allowed the residents of Louisiana
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Because of that, U.S. citizens need to be prepared for these horrific events, especially Louisiana most recently. Louisiana has been one of the country’s latest “victims” of these phenomena, but the southern state’s recent experiences are just one of many every month, if not every week. Cities within several states experience destruction and devastation, and most do not know how to cope with all the loss that results after it. Knowing that, it would make sense that people would feel a little bit of relief knowing that at least there is a plan when these occurrences happen. Shock and surprise is not fun for anyone in any situation, but preparation helps anyone and everyone feel a little better about the cause and effects of every situation; good or
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